Hackathon finals & Waste Summit

November 30, 2020

This year's annual Waste Summit theme is Innovation.

To sweep the zero-waste movement forward, we want to empower future entrepreneurs to build our better tomorrow.

The day included speakers on a range of zero waste topics, the video presentations from our finalist teams teams, final-round judging and awards.

Chris Idso, WA State Department of Corrections - pioneered vessel composing at our state prisons and other innovations

Corinne McCarthy, C+C - innovating new methods for looking at people’s behavior as they recycle or compost

Aimee Rudolph, Beta Hatch - how they farm insects to create high-value proteins, oils, and nutrients for agriculture

Russell Davis, Organix - using state-of-the-art vermiculture for dairy waste (cow poop)

Manuel Montano, WWU – cutting edge assessment of plastic nanoparticles in the environment

Nicole Baker, Net Your Problem – recycling a major plastic pollutant of the ocean - fishing nets

Mike Centers, Titus MRF Services – results of pilot testing for secondary recycling facility in Portland, OR

Karl Englund, WSU and Global Fiberglass Solutions – recycling windmill blades and other composites