Thanks to our SPONSORS for their support!

Prize Sponsorships

Zero Waste Washington will convene the 2020 Zero Waste Hackathon virtually across five consecutive weeks from mid-October to mid-November 2020. It offers participating sponsors an opportunity to discover, support, and connect with some of the most innovative new Zero Waste startup team projects in the Pacific Northwest as they disrupt existing approaches to sustainable business, climate action, social impact, and the circular economy.

Your organization’s investment in the Zero Waste Ideas Hackathon will create new opportunities for impact and collaboration across multiple sectors of our economy while gaining brand exposure and demonstrating bold thought leadership in a vital sustainability sector at a crucial time for our communities, our region, and the planet.

Join other investors, industry decision-makers, policymakers, and media from across our region who are seeking partnership with companies like yours and support us as we jump-start the next chapter in Zero Waste innovation!

General Sponsorships

Contact Brian Allen at (206) 395-9737 or brian@zerowastewashington.org to become one of this year's sponsors